ATHE and NLG Publications to date



ATHE has produced guidelines and conference proceedings and can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:
ATHE Annual Conference Proceedings 2010 – please email for details.
(PDF file, 1.46Mb)


  1. Tourism Tourism Intelligence Monitor 2009 – please email for details.
    (PDF file, 563Kb)
  2. Tourism Intelligence Monitor 2007
    (PDF file, 821Kb)
  3. 2005 ATHE Conference Proceedings
    (PDF file, 765Kb)
  4. 2004 ATHE Conference Proceedings
    (PDF file, 1.12 Mb)
  5. 1993-2003 Critical Incidents: Tourism in Higher Education
    (PDF file, 205 Kb)
  6. Tourism Studies and the Research Assessment Exercise 2001 – Welsh Centre for Tourism Research (April 2003)
    (PDF file, 306 Kb)
  7. Integrating Sustainability into the Undergraduate Curriculum: Leisure and Tourism (April 2003)
    (PDF file, 266 Kb)
  8. Benchmarking and the Higher Education Curriculum (July 2000)
    (PDF file, 166 Kb)
  9. Best Practice in Tourism Placements (Sept 1999)
    (PDF file, 57 Kb)
  10. The Profile of Tourism Studies Degree courses in the UK 1997/98 (Feb 1998)
    ( PDF file, 51 Kb)
  11. Placements in Industry – experience in the Lancashire Business School (June 1997)
    (PDF file, 51 Kb)
  12. Making Connections Between Industry and Higher Education in Tourism (Dec 1996)
    (PDF file, 40 Kb)
  13. The Profile of Tourism Studies Degree courses in the UK 1995/96 (Dec 1996)
    (PDF file, 71 Kb)
  14. Education and Training in Tourism in the UK – Courses and Careers in Tourism (Nov 1995)
    (PDF file, 45 Kb)
  15. Guidelines for Tourism Industry Practitioners newly appointed as External Examiners (Oct 1995)(PDF file, 50 Kb)
  16. Towards a Core Curriculum for Tourism (Sept 1995)
    (PDF file, 32 Kb)

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